About Us!

Established in 2007 and we are still going strong.

Mark Goodyear has worked with over 500 students from the local and surrounding areas.

Mark has been driving for over 25 years with a clean driving licence and the ability to drive anything from your first little run around car to a hgv vehicle, With this experiance mark has been through it all before so he knows what our students are going through. With this knowledge mark can guide his students through a structured learning process .

Every student he teaches  are given their  own personal plan and step by step guide from learning to drive in a straight line to all the parts to a car you need to know about. With your personal plan you can see your progression through out your learning process giving you the confidence and ambition to go all the way.  

We will teach you at your own pace and give you confidence in yourself to be able to take to the road when you are ready.

  About Us!

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